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Thursday, September 14 2023
Pollen Counts Are Likely to Be High Again This Season

Once again with the later arrival of cold temperatures, our area should face a higher-than-average fall allergy season. Mold and grass (particularly ragweed) pollen levels will remain high

Here are a few tips to bring relief to the allergy sufferers in your family:

  1. Control your home's humidity and with it some of the most virulent allergens:

    Mold & Mildew. Although generally confined to damp areas like basements, crawl spaces and bathrooms, their spores are dispersed in the air and can infect your entire home.

    The common household dust miteDust mites. These microscopic creepy-crawlies thrive in high humidity. They live in mattresses, upholstery, carpets and other home fabrics. Their waste products and dead body parts are among the most irritating triggers to allergy and asthma.

    Frequent vacuuming; weekly washing of bed linens and mattress covers in hot water; and replacement of heavy drapery, rugs and carpets with hard surface window treatments and flooring will control dust mites, but by far the best solution is to control your home's humidity. Where humidity is kept below 50%, these creatures dessicate and die.

    Stan has high humidity solutions including advanced air conditioners and heat pumps with built-in humidity controls as well as professional dehumidifiers that can either operate as stand-alones or be incorporated into your home comfort system. These offer triple the performance of standard dehumidifiers with less than two-thirds the operating cost.

  2. Keep doors and windows closed even on the most inviting spring day. Rather let your air conditioner continue to run even when temperatures are moderate. Nothing is more natural than the desire to throw open windows after a long cold winter. But for the allergy sufferers in your life, this just means more red noses, scratchy throats, wheezing and labored breathing. Keeping your air conditioner running will circulate your home's air through its air filter. With the spring's moderate temps, the cost will not be burdensome.

    Those with high efficiency systems have the added advantage of a two-speed compressor and variable speed blower. In spring, these systems run at lower more energy-efficient speeds. And because of the efficiency of their DC powered blowers, fan can be set to run continually even when the compressor is not cooling for maximum air circulation and filtration.

    ALWAYS CHECK YOUR FILTER EACH MONTH AND CHANGE IT WHEN DIRTY. This will not only keep your homes air clean, but it keep your system running efficiently. If you have not done so already, sign up for Stan's FREE monthly reminders.
  3. Consider upgrading your air filter. This is NEVER SOMETHING YOU SHOULD DO YOURSELF! The "high efficiency" filters sold in home centers and hardware stores WILL obstruct the airflow so critical to your comfort and to your system's energy-efficiency. The consequences are grave including damage to expensive compressors and fan motors. 

    Stan has state-of-the-art solutions designed to have minimal impact on airflow. These include 95% efficient media filters and the revolutionaryAccuCleanTM which captures 99.98% of allergens including dust, pollen, pet dander, dust mite allergens, mold spores, cooking grease, and tobacco smoke as well as the ozone-free Air Scrubber by Aerus with NASA-developed Active Pure(R) technology. 
  4. Keep pets away from allergy sufferers. As much as you love them, pets bring in plenty of outdoor allergens -- especially this time of year. Their dander is also an irritant. Obviously the best solution is to keep them out doors, but if that's not possible, you should maintain at least one pet-free room (preferably a bedroom) where your allergy sufferer can find relief.
  5. Change clothes and shower when you come in from outdoor activities. This time of year, even a short walk or time spent in the yard can cover you with allergens. These can then be tracked through the home and deposited on furniture.

These are just a few tips from your friends at Stan Perkoski's home services. To learn more, schedule a No-Pressure No-Obligation Consultation with your Stan Perkoski's professional.

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Wednesday, August 31 2022
Winterization Services: Protecting your unoccupied home

Heating failure, winter humidity, plumbing leaks and/or frozen pipes can cause thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

Call 866-PERKOSKI (866-737-7586) to discuss STAN'S HOME WINTERIZATION SERVICES.


  • A discussion of proper thermostat settings to protect plumbing and best control of winter humidity.
  • A discussion of the advantages of remote monitoring and climate control with a Wi-Fi Thermostat.
  • Identification of areas where pipes are vulnerable to winter freeezing and discussion of protective measures.
  • A check of toilets, sinks, tubs and showers for costly leaks.
  • A presentation on water sensors, automatic shutoff valves and alarms that can protect and alert you anywhere should leaks occur while you're awayl. Such systems can be installed for water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, ice-makers, toilets and more.
  • Preventative maintenance on your heating system to assure efficiency and reliability throughout the winter season.
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Monday, November 01 2021

"The Energy Information Administration (EIA) is warning homeowners that heating bills for houses could be significantly higher this winter--perhaps by as much as 50%." FORTUNE, October 14, 2021.

The grim forecast for Winter '21/'22 is first based on expected jumps in fuel costs:

  • +30% for natural gas
  • +54% for propane
  • +43% for heating oil
  • +6% for electric.

Accuweather's forecast for a colder than normal winter in the Northeast could make things far worse.

Considering a worst-case scenerio (10% colder than last winter), the EIA projects actual costs could be increased as much as:

  • +50% for natural gas users
  • +94% for propane users
  • +59% for heating oil users
  • +15% for electricity users.

If you have not already done so,
call us at 866-PERKOSKI (866-737-5675)
to schedule your precision diagnostic and seasonal tune-up.

This important maintenance service is the surest way to ensure
maximum efficiency and freedom from life-disrupting breakdowns. 

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Sunday, October 06 2019

Always test your heating system early even before the cold arrives. It's the surest way to know that heat will be there when you do need it. Problems are most likely to appear after your system has been idle for months. You want to identify problems and get them fixed now. It never fails that when temperatures first drop, our phones start ringing off the hook. Test now and avoid the rush if your system will need repair.

Because it will heat up your home, it's best to perform this simple test when temperatures are first in the early 70s. Simply set your thermostat to "heat" and turn up the temperature setting. Wait a while after hearing your system start. Then check to see that there's warm air coming from every vent (or heat coming from your radiant system).

Give us a call if you experience any unusualy noises or odors, or if you have any doubts or questions about your system's peformance.

Of course your best assurance of a trouble-free season with special seasonal savings and benefits comes with a precision maintenance swervice by your Stan Perkoski's professional. If you have a humidifier, be sure to have it serviced too.

Free Service Call; click to schedule.

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Monday, February 04 2019

Your heating boiler running up high fuel bills this winter? Adding an after-market boiler reset control will save you plenty. Traditional boilers maintain a constant water temperature (typically 180 degrees F) throughout the heating season. With a boiler reset control, water temperature is reset according to the prevailing outdoor temperature. During the coldest days, the 180 degree temperatature is maintained, but on milder winter days, the temperature is lowered to a preset level. This enables your system to maintain comfort while significantly reducing fuel consumption. 

Call us at 866-PERKOSKI (866-737-5675) for more information.

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Friday, January 18 2019

An Import Service Alert from Stan Perkoski

After every polar blast, our phones ring with requests from our Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland customers to fix frozen pipes. Here are some tips to help you avoid such expensive repairs and the damage to walls and furnishings that often accompanies frozen pipes.

Preventing Frozen Pipes:

  1. Keep your home temperature 68 degrees or higher even if you plan to be away for extended periods.
  2. Open cabinet doors below sinks to allow for air circulation.
  3. If supply lines run through your garage walls, be sure to keep the doors shut.
  4. If supply lines run through cold areas, insulate them or install heat tape (available from home centers and hardware stores).
  5. If for any reason you lose heat, run a slow drip from faucets. The cost of wasted water will be far less than repairs to pipes, walls and furnishings should your pipes freeze.

Thawing a Frozen Pipe:

  1. If only a trickle comes out when you open a faucet, suspect a frozen pipe.
  2. Locate the frozen section. Likely places include where your water service enters your home, where pipes run along exterior walls or through non-insulated areas of your home. 
  3. Carefully check the pipe for damage. Copper and plastic lines are particularly likely to split if frozen.
  4. If you have any difficulty locating the frozen area, if it is in an inaccessible area, or if you are NOT ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that there is no damage to the pipe, call your Stan Perkoski's professionals at 866-PERKOSKI / 866-737-5675.
  5. If you decide to thaw the pipe, keep the faucet open. As you treat the frozen pipe, water will begin to flow through the frozen area. This flow will help melt ice in the pipe.
  6. Apply heat to the section of pipe using a space heater or electric hair drier. DO NOT USE A BLOWTORCH OR ANY OPEN-FLAME METHOD.
  7. Keep applying heat until full water pressure is restored.
  8. Check the water pressure in all other faucets in your home. If one pipe freezes, others may freeze too.
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Friday, January 18 2019

One of the most frequent winter heating complaints we hear is of room temperature swings. One minute a room feels too cold; the next it's too hot. This often results in "thermostat juggling" which while NEVER solving the problem ALWAYS WASTES ENERGY.

Here are two steps you can take to improve your family's comfort and your home's energy efficiency:

  1. During the colder months, set your ceiling fans to run counter clockwise. Then run them on the slowest speed when you're in that room. This will keep warm air from pooling on the ceiling and keep it circulating.
  2. If yours is a high-efficiency system with a variable speed blower, set the fan to run continuously. This will improve circulation and keep temperatures stable. Unlike standard speed blowers, these run slowly and ramp up gradually as needed. Their DC motors consume a small fraction of the energy consumed by standard blower motors. The result: less noise, more consistent heat and more energy savings because you're less likely to fiddle with that thermostat.

Don't have a system with variable speed but interested in learning what higher efficiency can mean to your family's comfort and budget? Schedule a no-cost no-pressure no-obligation consultation today.

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Friday, January 18 2019
Adding Humidity to Your Home in Winter Keeps You Comfortable at Lower Thermostat Settings

Our bodies are self-regulating systems. More critical to your comfort than room temperature is how your body regulates its own temperature. That's why your summer comfort depends on "conditioned air" -- air that is not only cooled but more importantly de-humidified. The drier the air, the higher the rate of moisture's evaporation from your skin and thus the more your body cools.

For comfort in winter, relative humidity is just as important. The heat produced by your furnace or heat pump is extremely dry. By adding humidity, you slow the body's cooling process thus increasing comfort.

With proper humidity, you'll feel comfortable at lower thermostat settings. And for every degree you lower the thermostat, you will consume about 5% less energy. With proper humidification, most homeowners can save 20% to 30% on heating costs during the coldest days and nights of winter.

Other benefits of whole-home humidification include:

  • Elimination of annoying static electricity,
  • Longer life for fine furniture, fabrics and artwork, and
  • A healthier family less susceptible to winter colds and flu.

Today's humidifiers no longer rely on the standing water that caused mold and mildew problems in the past. Learn more now. Schedule a no-cost no-pressure no-obligation consultation today.


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Friday, January 04 2019
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Monday, March 05 2018

Every Stan Perkoski's Quotation is Given by
a Qualified Technician, NEVER a Pushy Salesman!

"Nearly half of all heating and cooling equipment in the U.S. never performs to its advertised capacity due to incorrect installation."

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) at

". . . a high efficiency air conditioner . . . may waste significantly more energy than a properly installed lower-efficiency unit."

Joint report of Air Conditioning
Contractors of America (ACCA),
the NY State Energy Research  Development Authority, and the Consortium for Energy Efficiency.

Over eager salesman

When Stan says he's committed to no sales pressure, he really means it. Unlike other Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania heating/cooling and plumbing companies, every Stan Perkoski's quotation is given by a qualified technician not a salesman.

Why is this important? The principal training our industry's sales people receive is in sales techniques. As a result, most of the people designing and estimating heating, cooling, water heating and plumbing systems have minimal technical knowledge. Yet the decisions they make will determine your family's comfort and a very big chunk of your annual household expenses for the next 10 to 20 years.

That lack of knowledge may have a lot to do with the U.S. Department of Energy's assessment of the dismal state of home heating and air conditioning efficiency in the United States.
No Pressure / No Games/ No Surprises / No Fooling!

When the person designing and recommending your new system is a salesperson, you never know what's behind his recommendations. Is the system he recommends  the best for you or the best for his commission? Is he up-selling you on a more expensive system than you need? Is the price you're quoted really the best, or might it be lower if only you were a more skilled negotiator?

With Stan Perkoski's, you always know where you stand. Your technician asks detailed questions, takes measurements and thoroughly examines your home and your system. His recommendations come from specific calculations according to the best standards of our industry. He'll explain all this to you, and he'll give you CHOICES so that you can make the best decision for your comfort goals and for your budget.

Then he'll show you a published flat-rate price book. Except for a previously advertised special, he will NEVER DEVIATE from this price. Everyone pays the same fair price. The price you're quoted is exactly the price you'll pay. We don't charge for labor and materials. We don't estimate and then turn around and bill you more than the original quote because we miscalculated. You get the right price UP FRONT before work starts. And that will be the price you pay!

Read Stan's Exclusive No-Pressure Sales Pledge. Every Stan Perkoski's Home Services team member has signed it and is pledge to abide by its promises.

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