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Wednesday, May 14 2014
This may seem like a silly question, but many neglect the one thing they should do to get peace of mind this summer: Stan's Spring Maintenance Service.

Just think about how hard your AC or heat pump is working for you:

  • It's on duty 24/7 throughout the season.
  • It has many moving parts.
  • By it's very nature, it is subject to repeated vibration and temperature changes which can loosen electrical connections and stress metal parts.

​Seasonal tune-ups will SAVE YOU MONEY and KEEP YOUR FAMILY COMFORTABLE all summer long. The typical AC and heat pump will lose between 3% and 10% efficiency each year maintenance is neglected. These changes happen so gradually, you likely won't even notice the change. Without realizing it, you grow accustomed to a system that performs nothing like the one that was originally installed.

Seven out of every ten breakdowns we see could have been avoided if the systems had been maintained. Regular tune-ups will:

  • Identify problems that drain performance and efficiency. Typical problems include accumulated dirt that may impede airflow, loose electrical connections, moving parts in need of lubrication, refrigerant leaks and under-performing electronic capacitors.
  • Keep your system running longer. A system routinely maintained gains on average two to four years extra service.
  • Maintain your manufacturer's warranty.
  • Keep your family more comfortable. An unbalanced system means uneven room-to-room temperatures and wide temperature swings.

Stan is so confident in this precision maintenance service and its recommendations, he offers this

If your air conditioning fails any time in the year following service, Stan will refund the cost of your service or credit it toward replacement or repair.

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Monday, May 05 2014

Experts are calling the 2014 spring allergy season "the worst in decades." Here are a few tips to bring relief to the allergy sufferers in your family:

  1. Control your home's humidity 
    and with it some of the most virulent allergens.

    Mold & Mildew. Although generally confined to damp areas like basements, crawl spaces and bathrooms, their spores are dispersed in the air and can infect your entire home.

    The common household dust miteDust mites. These microscopic creepy-crawlies thrive in high humidity. They live in mattresses, upholstery, carpets and other home fabrics. Their waste products and dead body parts are among the most irritating triggers to allergy and asthma.

    Frequent vacuuming; weekly washing of bed linens and mattress covers in hot water; and replacement of heavy drapery, rugs and carpets with hard surface window treatments and flooring will control dust mites, but by far the best solution is to control your home's humidity. Where humidity is kept below 50%, these creatures dessicate and die.

    Stan has high humidity solutions including advanced air conditioners and heat pumps with built-in humidity controls as well as professional dehumidifiers that can either operate as stand-alones or be incorporated into your home comfort system. These offer triple the performance of standard dehumidifiers with less than two-thirds the operating cost.

  2. Keep doors and windows closed even on the most inviting spring day.
    Rather let your air conditioner continue to run even when temperatures are moderate.

    Nothing is more natural than the desire to throw open windows after a long cold winter. But for the allergy sufferers in your life, this just means more red noses, scratchy throats, wheezing and labored breathing. Keeping your air conditioner running will circulate your home's air through its air filter. With the spring's moderate temps, the cost will not be burdensome.

    Those with high efficiency systems have the added advantage of a two-speed compressor and variable speed blower. In spring, these systems run at lower more energy-efficient speeds. And because of the efficiency of their DC powered blowers, fan can be set to run continually even when the compressor is not cooling for maximum air circulation and filtration.

    ALWAYS CHECK YOUR FILTER EACH MONTH AND CHANGE IT WHEN DIRTY. This will not only keep your homes air clean, but it keep your system running efficiently. If you have not done so already, sign up for Stan's FREE monthly reminders.
  3. Consider upgrading your air filter.

    This is NEVER SOMETHING YOU SHOULD DO YOURSELF! The "high efficiency" filters sold in home centers and hardware stores WILL obstruct the airflow so critical to your comfort and to your system's energy-efficiency. The consequences are grave including damage to expensive compressors and fan motors. 

    Stan has solutions designed to have minimal impact on airflow. These include 95% efficient media filters and the revolutionary AccuCleanTM which captures 99.98% of allergens including dust, pollen, pet dander, dust mite allergens, mold spores, cooking grease, and tobacco smoke as well as the activTek activTekTM air purifier.
  4. Keep pets away from allergy sufferers. As much as you love them, pets bring in plenty of outdoor allergens -- especially this time of year. Their dander is also an irritant. Obviously the best solution is to keep them out doors, but if that's not possible, you should maintain at least one pet-free room (preferably a bedroom) where your allergy sufferer can find relief.
  5. Change clothes and shower when you come in from outdoor activities. This time of year, even a short walk or time spent in the yard can cover you with allergens. These can then be tracked through the home and deposited on furniture.

These are just a few tips from your friends at Stan Perkoski's home services. To learn more, schedule a No-Pressure No-Obligation Consultation with your Stan Perkoski's professional.

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