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Monday, July 20 2015

Ceiling fanWhen our Delaware, Maryland and Pennylvania temperatures soar, your A/C is stressed to the max. Supplementing with fans is a great way to stay comfortable without lowering your thermostat. In fact, you may even be able to raise that temperature setting for greater savings without sacrificing comfort.

Most people use fans to keep cool when the A/C is not running. But they can also efficiently supplement your A/C. Here's what to do:

  1. Change the switch on your ceiling fan to have the blade turn slowly in a clockwise direction. This will not blow air directly on you -- rather, it will pull colder air that otherwise would settle at floor level and circulate it throughout the room. This air movement over your skin helps your body to stay cool and dry.Do this only when you occupy a room. A ceiling fan running in an empty room just wastes energy. 
  2. If you have one of today's more efficient systems with a variable speed blower, we recommend that you set the thermostat to the fan on position throughout the cooling season. That will gently circluate treated air throughout your home. This circulation not only will keep you cooler but has the added benefit of keeping your home's air cleaner with greater volume passing through the air filter. Best of all, these blowers operate with low cost direct current (DC) rather than with a conventional blower's more expensive alternating current (AC).

​We trust these tips will keep you cool and dry throughout the beastly days of summer. If something does go wrong, give us a call at 800-PERKOSKI 800-737-5675. A member of our team will take your call 24/7/365.

If you haven't done so already, schedule your annual maintenance service now. It's never too late. There's no better way to assure a comfortable problem-free summer. And if your A/C does break down later this season, you'll enjoy priority service AND we'll refund the cost of the maintenance service.

NOTE: Be sure to ask for Stan's FREE life-extending water heater inspection included with every repair and maintenance service.

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Thursday, July 02 2015

Find Your Air Conditioner's S.E.E.R.

The chart below traces the history of the S.E.E.R. for residential air conditioners:

The History of S.E.E.R.
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating

Before 1980

6 or less

1980 to 1985

7 or less

1986 to 1991

8 or less

1992 to 2005

10 to 12

2006 to 2014

13 or more

2015 to present

14* or more

**Minimum U.S. allowable for Southeast Region including Delaware (DE) and Maryland (MD) effective January 1, 2015.
NOTE: If you're not sure when yours was installed, find the model number on the nameplate of your unit, and give us a call at 800-227-8667. 

As the number increases, your energy use for the same level of cooling decreases proportionally. That means that today's minimum allowable standard 14 S.E.E.R. unit installed today will use half the energy of a 7 S.E.E.R. unit installed in the 1980s. A new 16 S.E.E.R. unit installed today will be 60% more efficient than a 10 S.E.E.R. system from the early 1990s.

Find Your Savings.

This next chart illustrates the savings owners can expect from a high efficiency replacement in a typical 2,000 sq. ft. Delaware, Maryland or Pennsylvania home.

Estimated Seasonal Energy Savings When
Upgrading Your Cooling System

Your Current AC

8 S.E.E.R.

10 S.E.E.R.

12 S.E.E.R..

Estimated Seasonal Cost with An Aging AC or Heat Pump




14 S.E.E.R.

$360 estimated annual energy cost for cooling.

Your Seasonal Savings







15 S.E.E.R.

$336 estimated annual energy cost for cooling.

Your Seasonal Savings







16 S.E.E.R.

$315 estimated annual energy cost for cooling.
Your Seasonal Savings



18 S.E.E.R.

$280 estimated annual energy cost for cooling.

Your Seasonal Savings



Source: PECO Energy ( based on costs of cooling a typical 2,000 sq. ft. home to 70°F from May through early September at June 2015 rate of $0.09 per kWh. Based on 30 year average weather in greater Philadelphia area.

In fact, your real savings are actually likely to be even higher than these estimates. Here’s why:

The estimates assume:

  • That the system you are replacing was installed properly. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that “nearly half of all heating and cooling in the U.S. never performs to its advertised capacity due to incorrect installation.”
  • That it has been maintained regularly. A neglected system typically loses between 3% and 10% efficiency per year.
  • That your ductwork is properly designed and not leaking due to poor installation, aging seals or foundation settlement. The U.S. Department of Energy warns that such leaks rather than the equipment itself are “the real source of (energy efficiency) problems.”

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No Obligation. No Pressure. No Fooling.

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