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 FREE Anode Rod Inspection 

Why does Stan Perkoski's offer a
FREE water heater anode rod inspection
with EVERY home comfort & plumbing  maintenance service . . .
and why don't other contractors ever mention it?

The Anode Rod -- the unsung hero determining
whether your water heater lives or dies.

This "sacrificial" rod is the single most important part preventing rusting of your hot water tank.

Here's how it works:New vs depleted anode rod

Over time, tiny cracks will develop in your water tank's glass liner exposing the steel to corrosive elements. The anode rod is made up of a more reactive metal. When the tank is filled with water, an electrolytic process begins whereby the sacrificial rod is consumed to protect the exposed steel of the tank. As long as this more reactive material lasts, the steel will not rust. When it's depleted, tank corrosion begins.

Timely replacement of the anode rod can as much as double your water heater's life.

  1. If your rod is nearing depletion, we can install a new rod to significantly increase the remaining life of your tank sparing you the heartache of a disastrous flood.
  2. If your rod is completely depleted, tank corrosion has begun and you should plan on replacing your water heater before the tank ruptures.

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air conditioning and/or plumbing maintenance service now.
Anode rod inspection included.

Why is Stan alone in offering this money-saving inspection, 
and why is he doing it at

with every heating, A/C 
& plumbing maintenance?"

While we can't answer for others, we do know from hiring interviews that many plumbing technicians don't even know what the anode rod is much less what is it function.

Those who do know may be more interested in selling you a new water heater than in helping you get more life from your existing one.

Stan believes a happy customer is worth more than any single sale. He knows that if he can help you get more life from your aging systems, you'll call on him when the time comes for replacement. You'll call on him for all of your plumbing, heating and air conditioning needs. And you'll be more likely to tell your friends about how they should do the same.

As Stan sees it, 
doing the right thing
is simply good business!

boiler explosion captured by nanny cam
See this ABC news story to see what can happen if your boiler or water heater isn't inspected annually.

Our FREE inspection includes this life-saving water heater safety check.

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"Mr. Perkoski,

"I want you to know (I'm sure you do!) that Nick and Pepe are the best!! They have come to my rescue more times than I can count. These two gentlement are always knowledgable and professional and go above and beyond the call whenever possible. I feel so lucky to have them in my home knowing the problem will be taken care of with quick efficiency -- and a smile."

Mary Beth McClafferty

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